A UON Consulting informa os seus Clientes que se encontra a dar seguimento ao Regulamento Geral sobre a Proteção de Dados (1)
(1) A Proteção das Pessoas singulares relativamente ao Tratamento de Dados Pessoais é um direito fundamental. O artigo 8º nº 1 da Carta dos Direitos Fundamentais da União Europeia e o artigo 16º do Tratado sobre o Funcionamento da União Europeia estabelecem que todas as pessoas têm direito à Proteção dos Dados de caráter pessoal que lhes digam respeito.
Risk Rating: Fire

In a highly turbulent period and constantly changing as the one we live in, the knowledgement of the risks that organizations are exposed becomes essential for Risk Managers, Insurance and Reinsurance Companies so they can perform their work with objectivity and profitability.

- How can risks affect the business performance?

- What level of preparation enterprises have to deal with the operational and legal risks?

- What risk level is the enterprise prepared to take, or alternatively, transfer or mitigate?

These are issues where it is vital to know the answer.

RisK Rating is intended to be a standardized IT platform for data collection that enables the ones interested (Underwriting Teams, Risk Managers and Claims Managers) to use this information for better decision when evaluating the business portfolio or acceptance in Equity Branches.

Operational capacity will be created in the Iberian Peninsula to provide this service.

The elements that will integrate this service already have extensive experience in the area of Risk Analysis and Management, Underwriting and Claims Management, enabling the collection of information in a suitable and technically appropriate way.